The diagnostic evaluation will help us to name what happens to us, and, on the other hand, it will help us to ask for help and scholarships.
Before starting the therapeutic process, it is essential to make a good exploration and obtain information about the person's abilities and difficulties in order to determine the help that is needed.



The first step is to contact us through mail: or by calling 696 844 720 directly. During this first contact, the relevant information on the reason for consultation will be collected and a first visit will be made.


First interview

The second step is to do an informative interview where, on the one hand, explain your specific situation, and, on the other hand, we explain in detail how we work and the process to follow.



Then a neuropsychological exploration of cognitive and behavioral functions through standardized tests, observation and questionnaires (parents and school).


Report completion

Once the evaluation is done, a detailed report will be made with the description and results of the tests administered and the interpretation of the results. Depending on these, a treatment will be considered according to the needs of the person.


Return the results

The last step is to meet again to present the results of the evaluation advising them on the intervention that we consider most appropriate for your case. The sessions to be established and the main objective of the treatment to be performed will also be determined.
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